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Perhaps the best way to know if a family law attorney is right for you is to read what former clients have to say about their overall experience. Below we have collected a number of client testimonials and client reviews that will hopefully give you a better idea of what it is like to work with us as we help you resolve your family dispute. Receiving positive feedback from clients is very rewarding, and we are extremely grateful for the many cases referred to us by past and present clients. Please take a moment to see what our clients have to say:

Consultation Survey Results from October 2019 through present:

"My conversation with Karen was informative and helpful. I ended the call with all of my questions answered and with a clear understanding of my next steps."

"I am extremely pleased with my initial consultation! They were very informative and I feel confident going forward now. I feel like they really care and will protect my family and I."

"Everyone was very professional. The consultation was very thorough. I was left with an excellent first impression."

"Great office to work with!"

Office Testimonials:

"It is with great enthusiasm and appreciation that I write about my experience with the law offices of Karen Kirchoff Saminski. My initial consultation with Karen Saminski took place at her office in Hoboken. I was warmly greeted by her support staff and made to feel welcome. Karen was very interested in what I had to say and listened closely. I had come to her office with serious concerns about my grandson and the care he wasn't receiving. Karen asked many questions while she took notes and examined the documents I brought to the meeting. It didn't take too long for me to decide to retain Karen and her firm and I'm very glad I did. The initial retainer I agreed to was fair and they earned every dollar of it. Karen felt that Attorney Siobhan Fuller from her firm was best suited to handle our case. I would soon come to agree with her. To date, Siobhan has handled our case masterfully. She made my Grandson the priority and the results of her work clearly indicate that. There are a couple of loose ends which are in the process of being finalized shortly. As with any successful business, there are key support staff who make things run properly. The firm's administrator, Amneris Fraguela, kept things seamless and made sure I was up to date on all developments and documentation which was very helpful to me. I don't usually get involved with reviews of any sort. I wanted to let prospective clients who are looking for a law firm to know how good this one is. They're effective, fair and professional. I hope I won't have to call on them again but if I do, I know I'll be in good hands.

"Karen Kirchoff Saminski and her staff are SUPERSTARS! I went through a horrible divorce and retaining with this firm saved my life and pocketbook. Karen gave me two pieces of knowledge for my biggest concerns with my divorce. Things I would have never thought of and we won on all accounts. Professional, Privacy, Caring and Knowledge are the words to describe her and the warm staff at this firm. I will always be grateful and will use this firm for all my legal issues going forward. THANK YOU TEAM!"
Originally a Google Review for the Hoboken office by Michael M.

"I am deeply grateful to Ms. Saminski and her excellent team: Siobhan M. Fuller, Esq., Marigrace Miele, Esq., Linda Salazar, Robert Quinones, Liza Montenegro For effectively rescuing my life twice. I am a cancer patient, Stage 4, who saw her life shattered by other people's greediness. Ms. Saminski and her team worked quickly and effectively to return my peace of mind and made me concentrate on my healing again. There is no way to express my joy and gratitude to Ms. Saminski and her team. I felt welcome and protected at all times, even inside the Superior Court. This kind of attitude made a great difference in my life in such a dramatic moment when I saw myself losing my cancer battle due to emotional stress caused by my ex-husband. All of my demands were completely satisfied. Today, I am a different person, full of strength to fight back my cancer. Karen, my joy and gratitude are so immense that they do not fit on my chest. I love all of you forever."
Originally a Google Review for the Hoboken office Josephine M.

"Best lawyers ever ! Resolved my issues without a problem, very very, professional. Could not be happier with the result. Recommending them 100%. Worth every cent!!!!!!!!"
Originally a Google Review for the Westfield office Millie P.

"I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this firm they helped me in every step of the way guiding me through everything I had a difficult case of divorce with my daughters father . I highly recommend this firm To anyone who's looking for a good lawyer they know how to be kind and human on difficult cases thank you Karen Saminski and staff I got my divorce on april 1 granted and Mary grace walked me through it I was so nervous and scared she stayed with me and talked to me god bless this firm I cannot express more gratitude and if your looking for a firm that understand the struggle of going through a divorce this is the perfect choice you will not regret it and you will be satisfied with the results."
Originally a Google Review for the Hoboken office Cecilia R.

"I would like to THANK YOU, again for everything! I'm so grateful to you … all your help! You didn't have all the history and details of my on-going case, you got my file just 2 weeks ago, and yet you put together a great Certification and your oral argument was impressive! Your Adversary was no match to you! I also noticed the way Judge Espinales gave you her undivided attention and carefully listened to your intelligent and detailed explanations on Behavioral Health/Psychology. I can clearly see Judge Espinales has a lot of respect for your professionalism and extensive knowledge of other topics besides Family Law which many Attorneys don't have and she probably didn't have either. It just reiterated to me, why I took my time in doing research for months for the right attorney/law firm to take over my case. It was the first time in 5.5yrs that I went to court with minimal anxiety, somehow I felt my case was in good hands and boy am I intuitive! I walked out of court in shock that I got everything I asked for! You accomplished so much that should've been accomplished years ago, the most important thing was to get the supervised visits until we know for sure the twins will be safe. I was in shock, I don't think I even knew how to express my gratitude. Once again, I can't thank you enough!"

"My immediate impression of Mrs. Kirchoff Saminski is that she's kind, compassionate and a true professional who runs a great family law practice. Her staff seems super friendly and professional as well. I was hesitant about switching attorneys but I was very impressed on how quick she got a grasp on my case. I walked out of our initial meeting feeling confident that she's fully knowledgeable of the law and can offer great advice and help me to finally put my post divorce issues to rest."

"I wanted to thank you for your work on the case. Don't know how you did it, but after the meetings with you the parties finally settled and the divorce (six years in the making) was finalized yesterday."
M.Z., Esq.

"Chcialbym serdecznie podziekowac Pani Karen Saminski, Esq. i wszystkim innym osobom, ktorzy pracowali przy mojej sprawie rozwodowej. Prosze pozwolic, ze wymienie w szczegolnosci Malgorzate Pawlowski, ktora zawsze miala dla mnie czas. Jestem bardzo zadowolony z uslug firmy Karen Saminski i oczywiscie bede ja polecal wszystkim beda mieli taka potrzebe. Chcialbym rowniez podziekowac Panu Stelio G. Papadopoulo, Esq. ktory reprezentuje mnie w innej sprawie ktora jest w toku, jak i osobom, ktorzy mu pomagaja. Jestem przekonany, ze bede zadowolony z efektu pracy Pana Stelio. Dziekuje takze Paniom Stephanie O'Neil, Esq. i Neepa Patel, Esq."
English translation: "I would like to express again my gratitude to Karen Saminski, Esq. and all firm members who worked on my matter. I would like to mention particularly Maggie Pawlowski. She always found time to answer all my questions. I am very happy with the services provided by the firm. I will gladly refer the firm to anyone in need. I would also like to thank Stelio G. Papadopoulo, Esq., for representing me in another matter and all other firm members who were involved. I am sure that I will be happy with the result. A special thanks to Stephanie O'Neil, Esq. and Neepa Patel, Esq. as well."
Bogdan Lalkowski

"Exceptionally Bright and Caring – Mrs. Saminski and Miss O'Neil are wonderful people and outstanding lawyers. I retained their services for a child support case and the outcome was outstanding due to their extreme knowledge of the family court laws. I am extremely satisfied and happy that I chose them to represent me and would definitely hire them again. I highly recommend them to anyone needing a lawyer in their field!!"
Originally on by Michael

"If you want results hire Karen Saminski and her team. I have hired Ms. Saminski twice for a child support case. The experience, knowledge and professionalism from Karen and her staff was stellar. Both times I made out with better than expected results, both in my favor. Her staff was on top of everything, very knowledgeable and made clear what I was to expect. I felt very comfortable, everyone on her team was patient and took the time to make sure I understood and was comfortable with the next steps in the process. Thank you Karen and team for your professionalism and help. I can't say enough of happy I am with her services that I have hired her again to handle other services."
Originally on by Cynthia

"Excellent Attorney - Exceptional services. As a parent whose child had been abducted away to a foreign land half way across the globe, I had a very thin support system here in the US with no knowledge whatsoever around the complexities involved around international parental abduction. As a victim of parental abduction, I had to live with the harsh reality of being estranged from my son , unaware of his well being and basically having no access to him. Totally unaware of the laws around parental abduction and the possible legal options I had, I approached Miss Saminskis office presenting them with my case. I found Miss Saminskis attitude humane, understanding and very honest. At the same time, I found her law firm has exceptional knowledge and past experience in the areas of international family law. Over the next few months, Miss Saminski assisted in preparing my case, obtaining the necessary orders via the family courts system and assisted me with tons of resources around the options I had to try and get the order recognized, used as leverage and possibly enforced in a foreign jurisdiction. Fast forward 10 months, my son has now returned to the United States - his home country, I have reconciled with my wife, and I can sleep peacefully at night knowing he is not more than a few yards away from me.

I sincerely thank Miss Saminski and her entire team of professionals for all the expertise and assistance they have provided. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel towards her and her firm, for helping me get through the roughest phase in my life and seeking justice to help re-unite a father with his son."
Originally posted on by A. S.

"Thank you for all of your help and generosity. I greatly appreciate all the work you and your staff did to help me. Thank you!"
E. R. & Family

"Karen Saminski a truly dedicated attorney with strong sense of justice and determination to protect her client. She was sent by god as an angel in my son's and my life to get us justice. She saved a young child from being snatched away from his mother. I migrated to the US from India with my minor child. Within 6 months of my stay in the US, faced a divorce. I knew nothing about how the laws and the legal system work here. It started with a contested divorce with several ESP hearings. All of them were unsuccessful. I fired my previous attorney for not handling my case properly. I hired Karen Saminski and her legal team. The details of my case were complicated still Karen took my case with immense speed and dedication. My case had 3 failed economic mediations and 5 motions before facing an 8 days of trial. Karen helped me with my deposition, trial proceedings and stood by me like my family. She uncovered my Ex Husband's financial information from both US and India which he had refused to disclose. She stood with me whenever I needed legal advice and to move ahead with case. I truly believe in her and will always recommend people who need the right legal counsel."

"I cannot thank you enough for standing in my corner through an extremely difficult time, negotiating with and coming to terms with a highly unreasonable and provocative adversary. Your legal advice and support was solid, ethical, and reasonable - values that I sincerely admire. During tough times, you stood your ground, lent me strength, dealt with me with immense patience, and ensured we always stayed above the cackle and took the fair, just and high road through all our interactions with our adversary. To do so even in situations where baseless slander, false accusations and unproductive false accusations were thrown my way was truly commendable. It's been a trying few months, but I've come out on top (we had to, given we were reasonable throughout), and most importantly, in the right mental space, largely due to the way YOU led me through the whole process. Thank you again. Please treat the above as a testimonial for your services. I hope no friends go through a divorce, but if they do, rest assured I will recommend your services."

"Dear Karen: I received the final judgment copy of my divorce. I read and heard horrible stories about the divorce process. But you made it very simple and easy for me. You made the whole process totally pain free. You and your staff are kind and always available for my questions and concerns. I can't thank you enough for your help."

"Dear Karen: I want to thank you for being there in my most difficult times and guiding me through. This has been the longest and toughest journey but I am thankful to have the right people to sail me through it. I truly appreciate your unconditional efforts and every bit of motivation and advice."

"I just wanted to say thank you for making this process as quick and as painless as possible. I truly appreciate all you and Linda have handled for me."
Karen Tavares

"Ms. Saminski, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you and for assigning Ms. Bernstein to handle my case. Her attention to detail was second to none. Mine could not have been an easy case to take on, given how many dead-beat dads there are out there and given the nature of the request that I put forth. Yet she never questioned either my want or my resolve. The facts were on my side and Ms. Bernstein was a consummate professional through and through."
Ray Rodriguez

"Exceptional and compassionate attorneys who get the job done! I cannot say enough about the Law office of Saminski Fuller Family Law, LLC! The professionalism, compassion, and a 110 percent attitude in their client's favor is exceptional! I have been a client for over 15 years and know firsthand about hardship while fighting a case of Emancipation. If you need an excellent firm, look no further."
Rosemary Esmail

"Karen and her associates took a personal interest in the most important situation in my life, my child. Their knowledge, dedication and confidence was incomparable. I am fortunate to have Karen Kirchoff Saminski, Esq. behind me in any family matters that arise."
Jerry Healy

"I have been a client of Karen Kirchoff Saminski for over 5 years. Karen combines over 20 years of experience in family law in Hudson county with honesty, wisdom, perspective, and genuine caring. Her staff is expertly trained to support clients with this same high degree of integrity and professionalism. Karen understands the uncertainty and vulnerability that often accompanies family law litigation and uses her expert negotiating skills to work toward the best possible outcome for those of us she represents."
Jodi Levine

"At the worst time of my life, the best experience and smartest decision was having Karen Kirchoff Saminski's law firm as my team. They were the knights in shining armor that both guided and aided me through the long dark tunnel to the light. Karen and her staff never fell short of filling the descriptive of experience, knowledgeable, tenacious, courteous, attentive, dedication, honor, integrity, elegance, dignity, grace, responsive, caring, and just plain great. Leading by example ensures such a great team. ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed' should be their slogan as far as I'm concerned."
Deborah Lynn Huck

"This wasn't supposed to happen to me: Being served with totally unexpected outrageous motion papers, during a divorce proceeding. Then my world quickly unraveled. Why am I so candid about Karen Saminski and her entire team? I want to do what I can to help others who fall into a messy divorce. Because I was vulnerable and emotionally strung out and did not know which way to turn. These are the things that made the difference, and I want others to benefit from them too:

  • Empathy –giving me the emotional support to make progress. I felt I had someone strong and an entire organization going down the road with me that I could count on.
  • Ability – when things didn't run smoothly or as planned, I could see that I had someone who knew how to pull the levers to get things back on track, with the court, but more importantly, when negotiating with the other side.
  • Value for the money – Paying money is what divorce is all about. Thank heaven that my legal costs were felt by me to be more of a reward for hooking up with the right firm, and not as a punishment. They were always conscious to being efficient with my dollars."
    Freddy Kalles

Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.

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